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Fitaide uses the in-built 3D Motion Sensor on your iPhone or iPod Touch and our patent-pending fitness technology to automatically track your activity and help you find motivation, training and support in achieving your fitness goals. It works for users at any level of fitness and is particularly suited for those who find it difficult to start or stick to a fitness program.


  • Estimates your Vo2Max, gold standard measure of fitness
  • Tracks against plan and provides audio cues to guide you
  • All features are immediately auto-customized to your ability
Select fitness assesment as your default plan Get audio and visual guidance as you move Enter your heart rate at the end of the session


  • Easily generate fitness plans for the following goals:
    1. Couch to 5K
    2. Couch to 10K
    3. Weight Loss
  • Plans customized to your fitness level and your preferences
  • Create your own cardio or interval training plan
  • Conveniently schedule your training sessions
Select your goals Set your preferences to generate a plan Save the plan once it meets your requirements
Easily schedule your fitness plan to your convenience You can add, delete sessions or customize the intervals Or customize the schedule for each session


  • Accurate for any activity on your feet, whether stepping to salsa or playing Frisbee at the beach!
  • Tracks calories, steps, pace/speed, distance and training zone as you move
  • Compares against plan and provides audio cues to get you to goal (FITAIDE PRO ONLY)
  • Distance algorithm accounts for your stride length variations
  • Listen to your music from within the app
Your default plan will display automatically A 10-second countdown gives you time to get ready Audio cues guide you if the session is part of a plan


  • Sign-up for a challenge or pick a forthcoming event
  • Create your own challenge
  • Invite your friends to join you
  • Easily update your event or challenge status
  • Keep track of your friend's progress through the leaderboard / training progress features
  • Easily track the progress of other participants
  • Post a link to your activity on Facebook & Twitter
  • Promote a cause and keep your supporters informed
Join an existing event or challenge Or create your own Invite your friends to train with you
Follow progress and post to FB or Twitter

The event or challenge url is embedded into your FB & Twitter messages



  • Chart calories, steps, distance, duration, speed / pace and training zone
  • Track your improvement on any of these parameters at a glance
  • Session graphs break down your progress versus plan
  • Setup a weekly calorie, step, speed/pace or distance goal
  • Track your progress against goal at a glance
Scroll to view similar charts for the other parameters Set a weekly target on any of these parameters Review each session in detail and upload to update your event or challenge status