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Poscitech is a Bangalore based start-up founded by Siva Raj in Sep ’09 with the aim of creating compelling mobile sensor based health & fitness applications. Siva’s own personal struggle with staying fit, his experience in developing products for a global healthcare organisation and his passion for mobile technology resulted in its creation.

The recent explosion in smartphones and the ubiquitous availability of highly accurate sensor technology has made it cost-effective to bring sophisticated scientific tools to a mainstream audience looking for ways to self-manage their health and improve their wellbeing. Fitaide, our first application, uses the accelerometer built into the iPhone or iPod Touch (and most other smartphones today) to track calorie burn and exercise intensity as a person moves. Launched in February 2010, it was immediately successful in achieving Top 5 status in a number of countries and was featured as New & Noteworthy by Apple. Fitaide Pro which just launched, is a revolutionary change – with patent-pending fitness technology and a slew of innovative features to help users find motivation, training and support in achieving their fitness goals.

Our aim at Poscitech (or Patient-Oriented Science & Technology) is to combine scientifically proven methods and algorithms with cost-effective sensor technology and intuitive user experience – to create applications that target the many healthcare challenges affecting the world. From preventable conditions such a obesity and diabetes to the lack of access to quality healthcare, across developed and developing countries.

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